Compassion Session Gallery | Lezlie Mitchell

  1. Julie Williams says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I am Lezlie’s mother – Julie Williams.

    I am in true disbelief at how beautiful your
    website is! First – YOUR personal video of
    you and your babies! . . . Very, very touching,
    moving, etc.!

    The first I’ve ever seen that reminded me so much
    of the beauty of raising a beautiful family – JUST LIKE LEZLIE – which I have NOT seen in such
    a beautiful way – but YOURS is!!!

    And 2ndly, Your inclusion of Lezlie’s story along
    the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen – just left
    me speechless!!! How incredibly unique and amazing and enjoyable that was! Profound!!!

    Thank you so very, very much for that “experience” . . . It was absolutely a breathtaking journey to behold!

    YOU are AMAZING and have a BEAUTIFUL


    Julie Williams

    • Tiffany Chi says:

      Hi Julie,

      Oh my goodness, I am truly SO honored! Thank you for taking the time to bless me with such a sweet and thoughtful comment … I am tearfully grateful to read such beautiful praise from a fellow mother. To know that I’ve successfully captured the essence of motherhood and all the beauty it can bring into our lives, and to have brought honor to your daughter’s story — it really is MY privilege. Thank you SO MUCH again for your kind words. It means everything.


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